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Out with the Bold, in with the Cool

Maple glazed donuts and crisp fall air? What about glazed hair with a cool-toned flair? As fall approaches and the leaves get brighter, it is pretty typical to style our hair a bit darker. But why not add some flair to your hair?

Low lights are a simple way to darken up your natural color, giving your mane more dimension. Contrast the look by adding low lights that are a few shades darker than normal – even try adding burgundy undertone to it. The subtle depth of the burgundy will add a pop of color, just like the leaves that will soon be changing!

If you want a more natural look, yet still want pizzazz, adding a hair glaze treatment in your next appointment is essential. A hair glaze can give your natural look a boost. It is pretty common for hair dye and chemicals to dull out hair strands, so the hair glaze treatment will bring it back to life. Even if you don’t apply color during your salon visit, the glaze is a quick form of vibrancy and nourishment.

Grab a pumpkin spiced latte and head in to Christopher’s at Primp for your low lights and hair glaze treatment. The salon will be having a special on these, so you won’t want to miss out!

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