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Back to School Shopping.. Scratch That.. Haircuts

And just like that, school supplies shopping is upon us! However, we cannot forget about back to school haircuts! After the kids have had their fun in the sun, their hair is yearning for some TLC. Luckily, Christopher’s at Primp offers a few ways to help freshen up your child’s mane.

If you have a blonde in the family, stop in for a Malibu treatment. Chlorine can get the best of our light locks, so it is important to treat it correctly as it can get dried out and damaged from the pool’s chemicals.

Along with the Malibu treatment, a quick trim will also allow the hair to look healthier by chopping off split ends that the chlorine burned. If your child wants to grow their hair out, it is important to note that trims allow the hair to grow even quicker, since the ends are much healthier.

Deep conditioning treatments are also essential for kids who have worn their hair in ponytails or buns all summer. Wet hair and ponytails can cause breakage, especially if the hair is in the same spot on the head.

Our back to school special is going on now! Stop in to our new location 3009 Smith Road Fairlawn, Ohio 44333, or call us at 330-857-3603

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