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Eyebrow Goals… That’s a Thing?!

Eyebrows are such an odd facial feature. Eyelashes make sense because they keep dust and dirt particles from landing on our eyeballs. But eyebrows? What is the point? Eyebrows, if put to good use, structure the face in a subtle way. It is a feature on our face that we may not understand, but should take advantage of.

Eyebrow maintenance can be annoying, especially if your eyebrows are extremists – very sparse hairs or very bushy. Luckily, I have a few tips and tricks to explain how eyebrows don’t have to be such a pain:

Pluck the brow bone. This is taken quite literally. Over-plucking gets dangerous and growing out your eyebrows is a pain. With your finger, feel where your brow bone is and pluck those lose hairs.

Follow the bone structure. This is not taken as literally as the first tip, however when shaping your eyebrows, follow the natural arch of your brow. This should give you an easy guide while filling them.

Eyeshadow for brow powder. Scurry through your makeup bag and you may find an eyeshadow that matches perfectly to your eyebrow shade. Using a small angled brush with a light hand, apply the eyeshadow to the ends of your brow first, then using even lighter upward strokes towards the very front of the brow.

Invest in an eyebrow serum. If you struggling growing eyebrow hairs, try an eyebrow serum to enhance growth. Christopher’s at Primp has brow enhancing products by RetivaLash Cosmetics.

Wax your brows once a month. Waxing them on a regular basis makes maintaining them a lot easier. Christopher’s at Primp will be having a special on waxing, so stop in or call to make an appointment!

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